Posted on Tuesday, June 11, 2024

5 Ways Remote Production Can Amplify Your Live Streaming Business

Contributed by PTZOptics

In an era where live streaming has developed into a critical tool for reaching global audiences, remote production has become a game-changer for production businesses. Imagine seamlessly broadcasting a live band performance with the precision of an in-studio setup, all managed from your office HQ. This isn’t the future, it’s happening right now all around the world. Two companies that production businesses rely on for reliable remote production are PTZOptics and Presonus. In this article, we explore five ways remote production can amplify your live streaming success, illustrated through the success story of the band Manali.

Enhanced Flexibility and Scalability

PTZOptics Hive-Linked Cameras: PTZOptics Hive is a cloud-based remote production software that is completely browser-based. The software features an easy to use “Share” button that allows you to share access with your team regardless of their location. Hive-Linked cameras are designed to connect directly to the cloud for remote pan, tilt and zoom connectivity. This means you can connect cameras to your Hive studio and ship them to a client site for a plug and play remote production experience. From your remote location, you can live stream and record video without having to spend time traveling or setting up additional hardware. This streamlined setup not only simplifies the production process but also reduces costs and setup time.

Presonus Studio Live Mixers: With the Presonus Studio Live III Mixers, audio mixing can be handled entirely remotely. Once installed, these audio mixers provide high-quality audio control, allowing sound engineers to mix audio from any location. The setup is very straightforward. All you need to do is set up your Presonus Mixer, connect it to an onsite computer, and run the Presonus Universal Control application. From here, your team can remotely share access to remotely mix audio in realtime. This flexibility ensures that your live stream maintains professional audio quality without needing an on-site audio team.

Superior Quality Control

Distributed Teams and Talent Access: Remote production allows you to work with distributed teams, expanding your access to talent regardless of geographic location. This opens up opportunities to collaborate with the best professionals in the industry, enhancing the quality of your production. Video production teams can now form deep partnerships with freelancers and other production companies, to work across geographical boundaries to expand their service area.

Cinematic PTZ Camera Movement and Auto-Tracking: As consumer expectations for video production quality increase, your remote productions will have to keep up with your clients demands. PTZOptics Hive provides cinematic PTZ camera movement tools and auto-tracking options, to significantly increase production quality. These features allow for smooth, professional-grade camera movements and intelligent tracking of performers, ensuring that your live stream looks polished and engaging.

Cost-Effective Solutions Winning More Business: Production companies can leverage remote production to win more business and expand into new markets. By offering high-quality remote production services, companies can cater to clients who require flexibility and scalability. This can include everything from corporate events to live concerts, providing a broader range of services to attract new clients.PTZOptics channel partners can generate recurring revenue from customers by offering PTZOptics Hive subscriptions. Remote production technology can ultimately make your business more profitable and diversified as the demand for video production continues to grow.

Streamlined Workflow and Efficiency Managing Multiple Studios: PTZOptics Hive allows you to streamline your workflow by managing multiple studios from one interface. If your clients have multiple rooms or studios, they can all be managed centrally, reducing the complexity of handling separate systems. Additionally, Hive enables specific view-only access for stakeholders such as production directors or viewers of private events, ensuring that everyone involved has the appropriate level of access.

New Levels of Video Access: Once you have brought your video connections into the cloud, sharing access to your studio is much easier. This provides your clients with new valuable opportunities to access live video. For example, administrators can now access and view multiple cameras that are streaming during their event. Various stakeholders, such as marketing teams, remote producers, and event coordinators, can also monitor and manage live feeds in real-time, ensuring a more dynamic and responsive production environment. This enhanced accessibility provides additional levels of value to your customers and allows for seamless integration of remote and on-site efforts, ultimately delivering a superior viewing experience.

Increased Audience Engagement Interactive Audience Experience: In certain scenarios, audience members can gain access to control PTZ cameras, significantly increasing audience engagement. This feature allows viewers to choose which camera angle they want to watch, creating a more interactive and personalized viewing experience. By giving audiences control, you open up new avenues for content engagement and viewer satisfaction.Examples include special PTZ cameras for business owners or paying Patreon group members.


Remote production with PTZOptics and Presonus offers a wealth of benefits, from enhanced flexibility and superior quality control to cost-effective solutions and streamlined workflows. By embracing these technologies, production companies can not only improve their service offerings but also expand their reach and engage audiences in innovative ways. Explore PTZOptics and Presonus to revolutionize your live streaming success.

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