Aprompt Inc.

On Camera – for mounting on the camera’s tripod or “freestanding” for mounting in front of the camera but not attached. We always bring both at no extra charge so you have a choice.

Presidential for any type of public speaking…we have Hi-Bright monitors available if you need a Presidential system outside on a bright sunny day.

Big Screen Award Shows – We hook into your monitor/s.

Over-the-Shoulder – used for Patient/Doctor conversational back-and-forth type shoots.

Lyric prompting – these monitors are usually mounted across the floor of the stage. We can put one or more in front for the lead singer, one for the background singers, even a small one unobtrusively placed on an artist’s piano. It makes them feel comfortable and confident so they can really relax.

Jimmy Jib – for when the camera swoops in on the host.

Live television – television shows shot in the studio or even out on the street.

Webcasts – any configuration that you can imagine!

Interrotron interview – when the interviewer would like the “interviewee” to look directly at him/her for a more personable interview. They are in different rooms but they can see each other on the screens in front of their cameras.

Battery Operated

We work all over the world…anything and everything! If you need words, we’re there!

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