Goodspeed Musicals Costume Rentals

Our collection currently houses more than 250,000 items. We feature costumes from some of Broadways biggest and brightest shows as well as Goodspeed’s own award-winning designers, who develop new looks for our own productions. In addition to the 220,000 hanging garments we offer an array of shoes, hats, belts, purses, and gloves, plus other one-of-a-kind accessories. If you are looking for an entire production or a special piece that will complete your design, our staff will work with you to find just the right item to make your ideas come to life.

Our new facility utilizes state of the art heating and cooling systems as well as industrial-grade dehumidifiers to make sure our items are housed in an ideal right environment for textile preservation. Our motion-sensor lighting system allows for you to clearly see color and detail without exposing the garments to unnecessary light, preventing discoloration. We are integrating a new bar code and inventory software system as well.

If you have not visited our new building we encourage you to do so. Come find exciting new things and enjoy perusing our aisles looking at some of the classics. We are easily accessible by car or train and would be glad to assist you with travel arrangements.
12 Hood Ln.
East Haddam, Connecticut 06423
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