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Nightstand Studios
Nightstand Creations, Inc. is dedicated to developing and offering wholesome entertainment and marketing media that fosters creativity, wholesome values, and self esteem.

Nightstand Creations, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Emmy® award winning writer/producer and award winning, veteran educator, Randy Rossilli, Jr., to develop creative products for children. In addition to The Adventures of Young Thomas Edison, Nightstand Creations, Inc. has created the My Backyard DVD and CD properties, a series of educational products for children ages 2-6; the character development book series Lil’ Grusome and the Nutshell Gang; the parent/teaching handbook No Kid Hates To Read, and will be releasing the first ever character development superhero comicbook series, The Phenomenal Frog-Man.

To complement Nightstand Creations, Inc.’s staff of artists, animators, composers, puppet builders, and writers, the company has assembled and advisory committee comprised of highly qualified professionals with hands-on experience in various areas of child development and mental health. These committee members include a psychologist, a certified teacher for the deaf and handicapped, certified speech pathologist, certified clinical and academic social worker, licensed counselor, certified teacher of English and Drama, as well as author of several published plays, and an award winning science teacher.

About Randy Rossilli, Jr.

A thirteen-year veteran in public education, Randy has vast experience with the development of innovative academic programs, including the development of magnet-style schools, alternative assessment programs, and technology-based instructional models. Randy has held the position of classroom teacher, building principal, subject supervisor and central office administrator.

Saddened and inspired by the death of children’s programming icon Mister Rogers, Randall left his successful career in public education to pursue his dream of developing print and multimedia to educate and entertain families. With the support of his family he employs his talents as a composer, puppet builder, writer, actor, singer/songwriter, and artist to realize this dream.

Whether he is performing, writing, composing, or developing original artwork or puppets, Randy is dedicated to producing material that supports and further expands the Nightstand Creations Inc.'s mission of developing properties that educate, inspire self-esteem and self-affirmation, and, of course, are fun.

In addition to his vast work with Nightstand Creations, Inc., Randy is also president and co-founder of Creating A Vision, Inc, a non-profit organization he co-founded with his brother, Michael, and their wives. The Mission of Creating A Vision, Inc. is to establish and support programs that foster the physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being of all children and their families.

To offer family entertainment that fosters creativity, wholesome values, educational soundness and the development of self-esteem.

The Adventures of Young Thomas Edison Book Series and DVD
Lil' Grusome and the Nutshell Gang Book Series and DVD
My Backyard DVD's and CD's

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